8085 симулятор



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Англ 8085 Simulator is a simulator for the Intel 8085 Microprocessor, as it’s name suggests. This program is completely created in Turbo C++, but it’s operation is comparable to any commercially available simulators. The 8085 simulator has a good error detection system, which can point to the specific line(s) where the error occurred .The program is completely mouse driven and it has many components like the Scroll Bar, Command Button, Message Box, Input Box and so on, which are common in the applications for windows. As it’s a 8085 Simulator, this is a comparably long code and will obviously have many functions in it. These functions such as the implementation of mouse, command buttons(as a class), scroll bars, Input Boxes, Output Boxes, loading a 16 color bitmap and plenty of other functions on strings and integers, Number Conversions etc. These codes can also be used in other applications.


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