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Англ Included the project files and a ReadmeFirst file to make it easier to get started.
Updated 3/15/2012: – Learning to Program in C++ 1- Intro to C++ The basics of C++ 2- If statements 3- Loops in C++ All you want to know about loops 4- Functions Functions…all about them, making and using the critters 5 – To Be Supplied – Switch case About the switch case structure 6- To Be Supplied – Pointers Using pointers to access memory locations 7- To Be Supplied – Structures Structures, all about ’em, and how to use ’em 8- To Be Supplied – Arrays All about arrays 9- To Be Supplied – Strings About character arrays (strings) 10- To Be Supplied – File I/O About file i/o 11- To Be Supplied – Typecasting Typecasting: making variables look like another data-type 12- Classes Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 13- To Be Supplied – Inline functions More information about functions 14- To Be Supplied – Command line arguments How to accept command line arguments (AND checking file existence) 15- Linked Lists The basics of singly linked lists 16- To Be Supplied – Recursion Recursion–a function calling itself 17- To Be Supplied – Variable argument lists Functions accepting a variable number of arguments 18- Binary Trees Introduction to an important abstract data type 19- Inheritance Inheritance – An Overview 20- To Be Supplied – Inheritance continued Inheritance – Syntax and examples 21- To Be Supplied – Initialization Lists and Inheritance Initialization lists are necessary for most classes that use inheritance or include objects 22- To Be Supplied – C++ Class Design More tips and tricks for class design 23- Enumerated types Learn to use enumerated types for type-safety and clarity 24- To Be Supplied – Formatted Output in C++ using iomanip Learn how to create nicely formatted output in C++ 25- To Be Supplied – Generating random Numbers Tutorial by RoD on generating random numbers. 26- Using Modulus Tutorial by Ron Holland on the modulus operator 27- To Be Supplied – Templates in C++ Learn how to use templated classes in C++ 28- To Be Supplied – Templated functions Templates can be used to write generic functions as well as generic classes 29- To Be Supplied – Template specialization and partial specialization Learn how to optimize templates by creating specialized instances for certain types 30- To Be Supplied – Understanding the C Preprocessor — Constants, Macros, and other Tricks 31- Learn how to use the C preprocessor ——————————————————————————– —
Updated 01/06/2011. This update is intended to be an introductory discussion on C++ and programming. Updated 04/15/2010. This update migrates the examples to run using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Edition. This code is intended for those persons just starting out in C++. It shows how to code five basic programs.
A tutorial and src are included. Enjoy… They are
1- HelloWorld
2- secondPgm – add two number and write to screen
3- thirdPgm – add two numbers, store the result
in variable c, and then write to screen
4- fourthPgm – request two numbers from the user,
add the two numbers and store the result in
variable sum and write the value of sum out to
the screen
5- fifthPgm – request three numbers from the user,
add the three numbers and store the result in
variable sum and write the value of sum out to
the screen
6- Obtain two numbers from user. raise the first
number to the power of the second e.g., x ^ y
7- Calculate the weekly pay of a worker.

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