Управление строками



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Англ Have you evere dreamt to manage C++ string like VB developers do?
Now this dream is a reality, look:
astring = “This is a string” & anthoerstring;
This is now real in C++!
you simply include bstr2.h in your project and then just declare strings like these ones:
String b = “Test”;
string c = 45;
BSTR2 d = b & c;
You can do the follow:
string a, b;
a = 5;
b = “test”
printf(“a = ‘%s'”, (char*)a);
printf(“b = ‘%s'”, (char*)(b + a)); //You can use the & instead of +
The output will be:
a = ‘6’
b = “test6”
all the operator are redefined to work with strings and conversion from BSTR2 to any format are easly ase you see above.
simple, isn’t true? Inside bstr2.h there are numerous functions as in vb:
left, right, mid, space, str, val, asc, split, join… and much more…
Look at this project and vote for me please.
New Upload.. i’ve improved somthings…
P.S: Compatible with Microsoft VC++ at 100%!

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