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Название (оригинал): Algorithms and Data Structures – Linked Lists and Trees

Англ (оригинал)Algorithms and Data Structures – Linked Lists & Trees. Here you have examples of linked lists, stacks, queues and binary search trees. oop
a58ass1.dat – a text file containing data
a58ass2.cpp – designed to take a58ass1.dat and generate a binary file that does not include the supplier.oop
a58ass2.dat – the genrated binary file
a58ass3.cpp – a menu driven program that allows you to edit the a58ass2.cpp binary file, add a new product, remove an old product…oop
a58ass4.cpp – a menu driven program that allow you to keep a binary file database of students grades. You can add students remove students, change grades and more.oop
a59ass1.cpp – a LINKED LIST database allowing to keep track of employees name, rate hof pay, type of job.oop
a59ass1.dat – the data in a59ass1.cpp is stored/saved in a59ass1.dat
a59ass2.cpp – STACK database keeping records of a bookstore or library. oop
a59ass2.dat – the data in a59ass2.cpp is stored in a59ass2.dat.
a59ass3.cpp – QUEUE database keeping a generic record system for purchasing records, who purchased what…oop
a59ass3.dat – the data in a59ass3.cpp is stored in a59ass3.dat
a59ass4.cpp – creates a binary search tree that holds a persons name and their corresponding telephone number. oop
a59ass4.dat – stores the data here

Рус (машинный)Алгоритмы и структуры данных – связанные списки

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