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Название (оригинал): apacheManager

Англ (оригинал)apacheManager is a tool for integrating PHP, Perl, and MySQL for apache2 servers on winXP based pc’s.
###===last update 2nd Apr 2006, PHP SMTP & TimeZone added.===###
As well as helping you intergrate the above software it also helps you manage your namebased virtual servers. Lets you edit scripts mainly httpd.conf, php.ini and xp’s hosts script.
Also lets you turn MySQL & Apache2 services on & off, change default apache settings, rollback last change made to each script.
Note: that it will turn your apache service off before making any adjustments to your config, and apache will need to be turned back on.
It was just a little program to make my life as a webdesigner easier but turned into a bigger project than expected. Enjoy…
Рус (машинный)apacheManager является инструментом для интеграции с PHP, Perl и MySQL для сервера у apache2 на WinXP на основе ПК.
###===Последнее обновление 2-го апр 2006, протокол SMTP в PHP

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