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Название (оригинал): File Manager, MDRApps

Англ (оригинал)********** ABOUT THIS APPLICATION; This application is an advanced web based file management tool. When installed on a web server, the application provides remote web server file management. Useful to add, rename, delete, edit, and download any file located on the web server. (on any drive mapping) This application includes advanced functionality including, (1) Windows Identity logon. The application uses local web server user accounts to logon. Similar to windows authentication but managed through the application rather than IIS. This allows credentials to be passed via intranet-to-internet or through a firewall. (2) Impersonation of the logged in user rather than running as the ASP.Net user account. Since the ASP.Net user account is not Admin, impersonation allows file management using Admin rights. (3)- Folder management capability to add, remove, and rename directories. (4) File management capability to rename, delete, edit, and download files. (5) Recognizes over 50 file types and provides the appropriate visual file icon. (6) Intuitive navigation or folders and drives on the web server. ********** HOW TO INSTALL THIS APPLICATION; ***** System Requirements; (1) Web server with .Net Framework Version 1.1 . (2) IIS 5.0 (3) 350 MHz processor , 128 MB RAM, 1 MB free disk space. ***** Application Setup; (1) Create a folder on webserver called “FileManager” Recommended location: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\FileManager (2) Copy entire application to “FileManager” folder on the web server. (3) Using IIS create virtual directory called “FileManager” pointed to the root of the application folder. Use IIS default settings.
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