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Название (оригинал): A Hangman Game (College Nickname Edition)

Англ (оригинал)NEW VERSIONS(uploaded daily with new features each day)…Click here to get the most recent game…IT’S HERE, the save game functionality you’ve been waiting for. Now you can finally get that illusive high score, check it out -> here… Newest versions have high scores list, better two player games, edited names(so the games are not so easy), version information and the save game option…ALSO at this site, new as of 12/07/00, the MOVIES Edition(1800 new games). If you have become a college names expert, try this game, it’s much more difficult. ***This submission:
Hangman Game College Nicknames Edition
This game kept me entertained for about four hours last night, so go ahead, give it a try, test your college nickname knowledge, and hey it’s free, what else can you ask for?…(This game also doubles as a good/entertaining typing tutorial)…
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