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Название (оригинал): Internet Explorer Cache Manager

Англ (оригинал)Original project:
Title: Vista IE Cache Image View
Description: This App/Code is for Viewing the Images from the Internet Explorer Cache Files in XP and Vista,
you can Save the Images from the I.E Cache as well. VB2005 – Code.
I gave SirPhilip 5 stars for the idea by the way. What’s new and different here:
1. Changed to my coding style (Microsoft guidelines) and color scheme.
2. Smaller picture display.
3. Much larger file display using ListView instead of ListBox.
4. Display of file size and ability to sort display on size or name.
5. Ability to delete, recycle actually, files.
6. Ability to search for and save or recycle video files like those from YouTube.
7. Ability to recycle entire Internet Cache.
8. VB2008 Code. Open project instead of solution if you have VB2005.
Herbert N Swearengen III

This is an update that works around a bug in .NET Framework 2.0 that may occur on some computers. If you downloaded this before, then please download again. Thanks.
Рус (машинный)Оригинальный проект:
Название: Виста Кэш IE Просмотр изображения
Описание: это приложение/Код для просмотра изображений из Интернета Кэш файлов в XP и Vista,
вы можете сохранить изображения из кэша И. е, а также. VB2005 – код.

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