Как использовать в JW плеер для Flash для воспроизведения видео в YouTube в потоковом – VB 5.0, VB 6.0 – База кода


Название (оригинал): How to use the JW Player for Flash to Play Youtube Video in streaming

Англ (оригинал)JW Player for Flash! The JW Player for Flash is the Internet’s most popular and flexible media player. It supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle, as well as HTTP
and RTMP streaming and various XML playlist formats. A wide range of settings (flashvars)
can be set and an extensive javascript API is available. The player’s skinning functionality allows you to completely customize its look and its plugin architecture allows you to easily extend the player with features such as sharing, analytics and adserving.
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Рус (машинный)Отель JW плеер для вспышки! JW игрок для вспышки в Интернет

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