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Название (оригинал): Ultimate Window Manager & Handler

Англ (оригинал)Welcome to the Ultimate Windows Manager & Handler!
With this application you can:
** minimize any window to tray, and get the owner’s window icon **
** hide/show any window **
** make any window always on top **
** close any window **
** create your own custom array windows and hide/show them **
** set any window caption to whatever you want **
** window search **
** window viewer with class info per process **
** hide/show all windows in the system **
** and many more **
Here you can find good examples on hot-keys,callbacks,enumerations of windows and processes(toolhelp),how to get the full path of another process,how to get the class name of window,many APIs for controlling windows.
Here are the hotkeys:
F7 button to minimize any window to tray, with the icon of his exe.
F8 to hide the window on which the cursor is/or the foreground window
(that depends on your selection (checkbox)).
F9 to show all the windows hidden with F8 button.
F10 to hide all windows in the array.
F11 to hide/show me.
F12 to set/unset any window, on which the cursor is/or the foreground window(that depends on your selection), to top.
Any feedback,comments,questions and/or votes are greatly appreciated.
Рус (машинный)Добро пожаловать в конечной панель

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