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Название (оригинал): Crypto Wrapper

Англ (оригинал)This submission contains the source for a VB .NET library. The dll wraps the System.Security.Cryptography namespace. It does not by all means provide all of the functionality contained there, but it does offer easier use of Symmetric and Asymmetric keys and encryption.
The standard way to communicate securely with Asymmetric (Key Pairs) encryption, is as follows…
1. Company 1 & Company 2 wish to communicate securely using asymmetric encryption.
2. Company 1 & Company 2 both generate Public and Private Keys.
3. Company 1 & Company 2 exchange Public keys.
4. Company 1 has a message to send to Company 2.
5. Company 1 generates a random symmetric key (session key).
6. Company 1 encrypts the data to be sent with the session key.
7. Company 1 “Signs” the encrypted data with their private key.
8. Company 1 encrypts the session key with Company 2’s public key.
9. Company 1 sends the data.
The signature verifies the source of the data. We use a symmetric key to encrypt the data because it may be large, and encryption with asymmetric keys is comparitively very, very, very slow. That is why only the symmetric key is encrypted with an asymmetric key. Also, when the data is “signed” with Company 1’s private key, it actually hashes the data first, so its size will be quite small as well.
This library was written specifically to provide the functionality required by the above scenario. That is why it’s functionality is abbreviated when compared to the full Cryptography namespace.
Рус (машинный)Это представление содержит источник глаг .Net библиотека. Библиотеки dll обертывания системе.Безопасности.Криптография имен. Это не непременно предоставлять все функциональные возможности, содержащиеся там, но это делает предложение более удобного использования симметричных и Асимметричных ключей и шифрования.
Стандартный способ безопасного обмена данными с асимметричным (пар ключей) шифрования, такова…
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