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Название (оригинал): Tiny Online Installer

Англ (оригинал)*Updated* 07/01/2003
The installer was trying to make a shortcut, even if you didnt provide info for one, also ive changed it to compile into P-Code, making it compile to just over 50kb now ;D
I was in need of an installer similar to the one SmartFTP provided, downloading the install files from a HTTP server, i couldnt find one to match my needs, so i made one, and here it is.. 😛
Its extremely simple, only took a few hours to make, thanks to Sean Gallardy for his brilliant http downloading control 😉
Comes complete with demo config file, compiles to just over 50KB, making it small, and easy to distribute over the net.
Please leave your comments, suggestions etc…it would be appriciated
Рус (машинный)*Обновлено* 07/01/2003
Установщик пытался сделать ярлык, даже если вам не предоставляют информацию для одного, и я изменил его для компиляции в p-код, что делает его составить чуть более 50кб сейчас

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