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Название (оригинал): ICIT Guest Book

Англ (оригинал)ICIT Guest book is Complete guest book consits of information for Universities & Colleges.
ICIT Guset book is a Complete Source of Information For all Grudges and post Graduates students
,This is for all those students that passed from Universities.
The guest book is designed by farhan amin using most reliable and top leading technology PHP.
guset book is complete in itself , it consists of admin Control panel, named as “Admin” specific user name and password
is provided to get control or delete specific entries from guest book.
guest book also provide best features like updating, deleting, and login and logout facilities.

Рус (машинный)МКМТ Гостевая книга-это Гостевая книга содержит полную информацию для вузов

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