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Название (оригинал): N-tier sample (Employee Records)

Англ (оригинал)This small app is a demo of N-Tier using C#.
The base class in DAL uses Factory Class to create a connection object base on the type of derived class, whether it is MS Access or SQL Server; reusabilty is what I have in mind when I decided to go on this design. The DAL also have support for transaction which can be triggered by method SetTransaction, CommitTransaction and RollbackTransaction. I have added in DAL the most common functions I use when dealing with database.
The BLL contains the Entity representation of an Employee and the CRUD operations. It also got an AuditLog where all CRUD operations will be logged in another database; when updating records all changed columns will also be logged. In BLL there is also stuff for Compacting, Repairing and backing-up Access database.
There are little thing that I did in the UI that may serve useful to ‘newbies’ out there like changing the color of the textbox in focus, moving to the next control when hitting the Enter key and moving to the previous control when hitting the Up key, etc…
This also have an Exception Logger where any exceptions can be logged in the Event Log and in a text file.
So check this out! Any comments/criticisms/feedbacks will be highly appreciated. 🙂
BTW, just place the two MS Access database in your C:\Drive…
(New version is uploaded in PSCode!)

Рус (машинный)Это небольшое приложение представляет собой демо-Н-уровня, используя C#.
Базовый класс в даль использует фабрику класса создать объект подключения базы на тип производного класса, будь то СУБД MS Access или SQL-сервера

база кода