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Название (оригинал): Find objects and label them in a thresholded image

Англ (оригинал)This code finds objects in a thresholded image, labels them and reports their total number by using 4-connectedness labeling. The background is labeled as zero “0” and objects are labeled accordingly. The process is done by scanning the image top to bottom, left to right. The result is saved to a text file as digits representing the objects as labels; each digit in the text file represents a pixel of the image. To run the program first load an image by first choosing one from the combo box and then clicking the Load_Picture button, then to process the image click the Find_Objects button.
This code was written by me and my friend Onur Seran, the reason we are posting it here, is that we needed this code for our project but could not find any similar code on internet, so we decided that if we write it our selves we are going to post it here, so that any one working on image processing can use it.
We really hope it would be of any use to you.
Рус (машинный)Этот код находит объекты в срабатывать изображения, надписи на них и сообщает их общего числа с помощью 4-связности маркировки. Фон обозначен как ноль \”0\” и объекты маркируются соответствующим образом. Процесс осуществляется путем сканирования изображения сверху вниз, слева направо. Результат сохраняется в текстовый файл в виде цифр, описывающих объекты в качестве меток

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