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Название (оригинал): Pathfinder3D

Англ (оригинал)[Updated version can be found at]Complete DirectX9 game with 3D menu, 3D About presentation, intro movie, and map editor. Game features: control your 3D walking, animated character in 3rd person mode; click on a tile and he will go there (can find his way through the maze); DX-drawn message boxes, menus and buttons; 3D compass; falling snow; 6 camera modes; sky background (skybox). DirectX features: textures; lights (ambient and point); fog; 2D/3D alphablending (opacity from 0 to 255); raytracing (detect 3D objects at mouse point); mesh from X file; 3D text; simple spheremapping; multi-viewport projection; particle system; 2D sprites; windowed and fullscreen; reenter fullscreen mode after being minimized; resolution changeable during game(no need to restart); movie playback Well commented, and with documentation. &#
8211; Arvin Meralpis
Рус (машинный)[Обновленная версия может быть найдена в

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