Практическое руководство для активных серверных Страниц – ASP (Active Server Pages), VbScript (browser/client side) – База кода


Название (оригинал): A Practical Guide to Active Server Pages

Англ (оригинал)

This practical guide aims to be a complete programming guide as well as a
reference for the serious ASP programmer.

You don’t have the time to rummage through 1000-page thick books? You don’t have the time to sift through jokes & wisecracks? This is the right resource for you …

This guide does not assume any prior knowledge of ASP, and starts from the ground
up. The chapters are organized according to the increasing complexity of ASP
scripts that you will be writing. Simple scripts come first, and then the
techniques needed for more complex scripts are covered. This is especially
useful for the beginner who is usually inundated by long, boring technical
dissertations in the first chapter of any book.

Experienced programmers will also find this guide useful, for it contains the
following references in one easy-to-locate booklet.

  • VBScript Reference

    A complete documentation of all VBScript functions with the necessary
    information for using them. Ideal for those situations where you know
    what you want to do, but can’t remember the function that will do it for

  • SQL Reference

    This includes complete syntactic specifications of the Structured Query
    Language, along with examples to demonstrate the use.

  • ADO Reference

    A guide on ASP cannot miss out this quintessential section. It gives
    complete details on most of the objects in the ADO hierarchy.

Since you can download the PDF, you don’t need to be online in order to read it. A printer-friendly publication format means you can print it and read it anywhere.

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Рус (машинный)

Это практическое руководство стремится быть полное руководство по программированию, а также
ссылка для серьезного АСП программист.

Вы не имеют времени, чтобы рыться в 1000 страниц толстых книг? Вы не имеют времени, чтобы просеять через шутки

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