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Название (оригинал): Direct Multimedia Library

Англ (оригинал)You dream to build a multimedia application? Voice and video chat applications?; Multimedia players? Networking? Wow now you can, its very easy cause you are going to use the Direct Library that contain the most required classes that provide very easy to use interface,!!!
For example: you want to store a video stream to AVI files, just 2 lines; Open camera, Start recording, you wana create voice chat!! no problems just 20 line of code and u are done!!!.
Library contents:
1- Audio recorder and playback |
2- Video recorder and playback, frame grabber for video chat, live stream for live camera watching. |
3- Server/Multi-Client voice chat, for voice communication over WAN. |
4- Server/Multi-Client data chat, for data communication and file transferring. |
5- Audio mixers, to control the sound card mixer controls and channels. |
You can use these classes in your projects to ease the process of multimedia programming, this project consist on DirectX 9, DirectShow.Net from sourceforge & Audio.Mixer library. Get relax now and code easily using the direct library. 🙂 |||||||||||||||||||||| NOTE: If you face an problem with DLLS please download your complete version from http://www40.brinkster.com/DominatorLegend

Рус (машинный)Вы мечтаете создать мультимедийное приложение? Голосовой и видео-чат приложений?

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