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Название (оригинал): SimplePad Multti-Language Text Editor

Англ (оригинал)This project is basically a simple text editor. What makes it unique and a useful learning tool is that it supports 13 languages and 19 cultures.
I started this project using Visual Studio .NET 2003, but put it aside be of the difficultly of access data on one form from another. This is no longer a problem with Visual Basic 2005.
I’ve also been able to improve the looks of the program by using the new menus and toolstrip toolbars.
The method I chose is not the only one available for globalization, but it seemed easier to understand and the resource files could be edited within the IDE. A disadvantage of this approach is that a folder is created in your installation folder for each language and culture.
I can’t take credit for all the code. The find-replace dialog and printing code are largely based on old Microsoft samples converted to VB 2005.
You will notice also that all of the common dialogs are in English. On a localized version of Windows, they would appear in the correct language. The program also defaults to the language installed on the computer.

Рус (машинный)Этот проект является по сути простой текстовый редактор. Что делает его уникальным и полезным средством обучения является то, что она поддерживает 13 языков и культур 19.
Я начал этот проект с помощью Visual студии .Чистый 2003, но отложил его в сторону быть трудно доступа данных на одну форму от другой. Это больше не проблема с Visual Basic 2005 из.

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