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Название (оригинал): Jump All But One Game 2.0.0

Англ (оригинал)

Jump All But Ones Game, Version 2.0.0 For VB.NET.

A great traditional game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. This game provides all the ingredients of strategy visualization, hand-eye coordination, and pattern-recognition, which are techniques that have been proven in clinical studies to promote increased IQ ratings. So, you are not just playing a game; you are making yourself smarter! Additional features are UNDO, HINTS, auto-finish games (when there is a solution and you are stuck — or just plain want to cheat and learn a set of moves). Unlike the urban legend that there are only a few solutions to this game, a quick test revealed that there are about 2000 solutions (if not more) starting from ANY location on the board (that’s about 30000 total — I used to think for years there was maybe 2 or 3). Prove it to yourself by selecting the same starting point, and let the game auto-finish for you (select the FINISH THE GAME FOR ME, PLEASE option from the Help menu). Chances are good it will successfully solve the same game differently each time. A TRAINING WHEELS MODE has been added to walk beginners through a game. It highlights marbles with a cyan circle that will lead to victory when you move your mouse over them. Fun to watch all the possible variations in a single game. Added another cheater option that disables the HINT button when it is not possible to complete a game in victory. This helps beginners tell immediately when they took a step that will lead to defeat. Added more help and escapable demos and replays (use the ESC key). Also includes are over 22,000 sample solutions that end in a perfect 1-marble victory, and 51 others in a sample JoeCheater.player save file. The VB2008 version of the VB6 classic features smooth animation and emulates the functionality of VB6 Image controls for clean moving shapes with transparent backgrounds. It also features techniques for easily displaying labels with transparent backgrounds, drawing overlapping bitmaps and icons, easy user-defined control arrays, and resource management of audio data. Many re-usable modules are included that enable complex techniques to be accomplished withwith minimal fuss, including a form that is used to emulate the VB6 Image control, allowing me to smoothly move shaped images with transparent backgrounds. Uses the free Visual Basic Power Packs from Microsoft, allowing lines and shaped to be drawn on the form surface at design time.

This application emulates movement of VB6 Images with transparent backgrounds, centering of message boxes, checking for the presence of sound cards, checking for internet connections, browsing directories, expanding environment string in path specifications, easy on-the-fly font changes, keeping forms in an orderly stack, easily getting an application version, checking for application instances, gtetting the operating system type, easily getting the Windows, System, and current directory, picking up list items while hovering over a listbox/combobox, issuing system sounds, easily playing resource-resident sound files, super-fast string sort in ascending or descending order, converting text between Unicode and ANSI, launching email applications, and much more.

Рус (машинный)

В прыжок все, но те игры, Версия 2.0.0 для VB.NET.
многие традиционные игры, которую легко узнать, но трудно овладеть. Эта игра предоставляет все составляющие стратегии визуализации, зрительно-моторную координацию, и распознавания образов, которые представляют собой методы, которые были доказаны в клинических исследованиях, способствует увеличению IQ и рейтинги. Так, Вы не просто играете в игру

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