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Название (оригинал): Tweak & Clean

Англ (оригинал)Tweak & Clean for Windows XP
I ensamble this app as add on of my Cyber Cafe software. The main idea is give to owners of cafe’s the ability of apply some restrictions to rental users in the use of Windows and Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.
I make all the adjustments refering to Windows XP and IE, some of the settings are:
Prohibit access to the control panel, remove Add/Programs, Hide and disable items on desktop, remove Run menu from Start Menu, Remove Search from Start menu, Do not keep history of recent opened documents, Prevent changes to task bar and Start menu settings, Remove links and access to Windows Update, Remove user name from Start menu, Remove Set Program Access and Defaults from Start menu, Prevent addition of printers, Prevent deletion of printers, Hide My Network Places icon on desktop, No entire network, Hide Workgroup Content fom Network Neighnorhood, Remove Network Connections from Start Menu, Remove My network places icon from start menu…
Also has tweaks for Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.
The settings are for Windows XP, but some of them can work on other versions. Must of them need restart.
The settings for Internet Explorer works on 5.5 or above versions.
The cleaning utility is some code I found here, sorry I can not remember who creates the original, I add some other as Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and Excel recent files list cleaning.
As complement, you find the app shows the user name of logged user in system and the time of running Windows. Also the version and build information of Windows. Some of this are code found here and other recreated, adapted or created by me. Again thanks the authors of this.
Finally it has a cache cleaning utility, that again is someone else code, I just adapt to the application.
The resource file is only the app Icon, this routine come from VBAdvanced for correctly display hi res icons.
I believe that this is an interesting proyect, particullary for those concerned in Windows Security, wait for comments and votes.
If you can help with more cleaning recent files will be usufull for all. Particulary Word 2003 but any app you know how to remove recent files will be fine.
Please don’t use as commercial application. I put here for sharing and if comments, suggestions and votes are good enought, grow this for have a tweaking application like commercial versions but free for all.
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