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Название (оригинал): ucDetailView – Owner drawn listview

Англ (оригинал)11/04/07: Fixes by Ed Wilk
03/04/07: ListIndex bugfix. (Thank you Ed Wilk)
29/03/07: Bugfixes.
4th July 06: Added gridlines, sorting & dynamic header resize. In the process of changing to API draw functions. Thanks to TerriTop!
My previous entry used linked listboxes and was too slow when the listcount > 10000 so I started a new, completely different owner drawn project. It’s nearly finished but I wanted to find any bugs before I use them in my projects. Please help me complete it!!! (14KB Zip)
Рус (машинный)11/04/07: исправление Эд Вилк
03/04/07: ListIndex исправление. (Спасибо Эд Уилка)
29/03/07: Багфиксы.
4-го июля 06: добавлены сетки, сортировка

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