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Название (оригинал): ucRTFEditor — Richtextbox editor control (2011-08-30, update)

Англ (оригинал)I wrote this because I got tired of looking for a free control that works like this; most of the time I only find similar editor examples as full editor applications. I am not keeping any rights to this code and am presenting it as is. If you make any improvements or catch/fix any bugs please pass them along; I want this control to keep evolving to the best and finest of its kind. Also, please keep up the documentation in the code as you add to / make revisions. Please make sure you document what you changed / added so I can merge it into the master copy of the control that I’ll be still working on.

This control is designed to be a self-contained word processor / editor for RTF based files or memo fields (the file you are reading was written using the control). Some of the features that are included are….
Standard file operations (open, save, new, print, print preview, …); any or all of these can be turned off according to properties

  • Standard editing (copy, paste, find, replace, …)
  • Locking the contents for read-only
  • Standard formatting options (font selection, text color, background color, bold, alignment, bullets, indents, …)
  • Inserting of images and date (by format / selection window)
  • NEW: Added new property — ToolbarsOnFocusOnly. This property will hide dynamically show/hide the toolbars of the editor depending on focus of the editor and the LockEditor property,

All of the support windows are built within the class itself, so you need only include the class and a reference to the “RichTextBoxPrintCtrl.dll” (see below if you need this).  Thanks to Keith’s comment below this DLL has been removed and replaced with a class, so everything is now included!

This update corrects errors that appeared if Option Strict On was used.

Know Bug:
The only thing I have not been able to accomplish to date is a true right margin. I cannot figure out how to get the actual page width for the printable area. While this is not a show stopper, it is an annoyance.

Рус (машинный)Я написал это, потому что я устал смотреть на бесплатно управления, который работает следующим образом

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