Ультима Хакер В3 – C++ (general) – Игры – База кода


Название (оригинал): Ultima Hacker V3

Англ (оригинал)About: Hack houses, banks, and companies. When the people need you, you can also hack for the government(mini-game) and hack the alien mothership, terrorists’ nuclear missile, and evil syndicate bombs. There is much to discover. And there is a lot of surprising and random elements. Become the Ultimate Hacker!
I must say I’ve put a lot of effort in building this program. It cost me 3 weekends to finish it. This is done last year when I just started learning the most basic c codes as a project in our subject. I’ve taken advantage the interface of the program(text-based console) to have a more sensible experience of hacking. The game could pull you to the seats and the eyes of the hackers as you wander across every folder and file. FOR MORE INFO, OPEN THE MANUAL AND DOCUMENTATION file inside the zip.
ONE TIP in mini-game: If you want to feel like you’re really hacking into something, then, use a notepad, and type all the letters you see in the mini-game screen(hack for government). This would help you a lot!
Рус (машинный)О: взломать домов, банков, и компаний. Когда ты нужен людям, вы можете также хак для государственных(мини-игры) и рубить на корабле пришельцев, террористов

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