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Название (оригинал): Web Browser / IE Clone

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8211; VB.Net
I received a few email regarding my past quick example of a browser in VB.Net, This example application takes it to the next level and shows a lot of what can be done using the web browser control in VB.Net. It is a fairly good clone of IE, it shows the following and more:
Opening Files | Saving | Print Preview | Page Setup | Print | Import / Export | Page properties | Send to desktop | Copy | Select All | Find | View Source | Privacy Report | Internet Options Dialog | Adding Favorites | Organizing Favorites | Navigation | Stopping Pop-Ups | Trapping New windows (new app not IE) | Auto complete combo box (some code from all over there, not all mine) | Secure Lock Icons | Progress bar in status bar w/o imbedding | Full Screen | Hide / Show Tool, Status Bars | Updating status bar | Opening folders | tree view | Context Menu (Right click on cookies tree view) | Deleting Files | Reading from a file (see favorites code) and more, poke around a bit. If you are needing to write a web browser application in .net, this should be all you need to get you started, if not all the way there. For those who asked about working with the IE DOM, this is not covered in the example and is a completely different subject in many ways, I may post some examples on working directly with the DOM in the future. I hope you find this useful and as always please vote if you do.

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