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Название (оригинал): Age Check Verify

Англ (оригинал)Some web sites like tobacco industry
require by federal law that you check
the age of every visitor; this
JavaScript code will ask your
date of birth and then check to see
if Are old enough to see the site.
This my look s t u p i d but that what
the feral law requires.
This will create a cookie that will
check on very page of the site if you
have checked your age.
I have collected lines of codes from many
places to put this together and I thank
every one for their code.
This is intended for training purpose only.

Рус (машинный)Некоторые веб-сайты, такие как табачная промышленность
требуется Федеральным законом, что вы проверить
возраст каждого посетителя

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