Защитить вас изображений по прямым память расшифровки – C# – Законченные приложения – База кода


Название (оригинал): Protect you images via direct memory decryption

Англ (оригинал)This application keep your images secure , as they are stored encrypted on desk , and when viewed they are decrypted in memory leaving no any Hard disk traces and they can not be hacked then, Only note that I used simple XOR encryption for demonstration , you better use c# AES cryptography to be 100% safe.
The program supports zooming in and out , and also demonstrate how to drag an object freely across a form.
**Quick UI Guide
1-Loading normal JPG
2-Make sure “Encrypted Image” is Unchecked
3-Click “Load” and select the JPG as needed
**Encrypting an Image
1-Make sure an un-encrypted image is already loaded
2-Make sure “Encrypted Image” is now checked
3-Click “Save” and set target file name
**Loading Encrypted Image
1-Make sure “Encrypted Image” is checked
2-Click “Load” and select the JPG as needed
**View multiple files in slide mode
1-Click on “Slide Files” and select multiple JPG files
2-If files are encrypted, make sure you selected “Encrypted Image” before selecting slide files
3-Use the arrows to navigate forward and backward through images
**Encrypting multiple images in batch mode
1-Click on “Batch”
2-Select multiple JPG files
3-All images will be encrypted and saved in the same source folder and “.cry” is appended to the original file name
**Additional features
1-You may also use ” ”