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Название (оригинал): ZipSearch 1.4.1

Англ (оригинал)ZipSearch 1.4.1 * Search File Names & Content in File System & Zip Files

ZipSearch simulates the Windows search utility and extends on it to include zip file contents. Searches are based on name matching, and can also perform date and size filtering. Limited wildcard characters are supported for matching of folder and file names. Searches within file text supports multi-line, case-sensitive and case-insensitive matching, as well as whole-word-only searches. This tool can also perform searches within the text content of zipped files.

It can search within multiple locations simultaneously, and search to any sub-folder depth. Files and folders can be selected for exclusion from searches. Also, it catalogues all searched locations so subsequent searches are lightning fast.

This utility does not discard the results of the searches it performs, allowing the navigation of search results within the utility without losing the original list of results. Up to thirty searches can be performed before the oldest results are over-written by subsequent searches. More advanced search filtering can be achieved by merging the common items from the result of the multiple searches.

ZipSearch remembers all your settings. You can define groups of multiple paths for searching. The tree and list respond to the scroll wheel without the need to click on them first. File system monitoring updates ZipSearch as changes are made outside of the program. The interface remains responsive to user actions at all times, and allows access to search result items even as the search continues.

ZipSearch combines Shell change notification with the file system, removable media like CDs and DVDs, memory sticks, and USB drives to respond to all changes both in the search class and the GUI dynamically.

ZipSearch uses Info-Zip’s Unzip32.dll to open zipped files for content searching and making zipped files available for display. Unzip32.dll is freely available at
ZipSearch also utilizes Alexander Roshal’s Unrar.dll freely available at

Contributors: XP Styles thanks to Amer Tahir. Auto-complete thanks to Dan Redding. String comparison thanks to Ralph Eastwood. Thanks also to Norm Cook for inspiration from his brilliant ListView-FileListBox. Shell change notification module thanks to Louis –

Revision 1.3.7 – 21 July 2016

Bug fix ejecting media or removing a USB drive.

Revision 1.3.8 – 23 July 2016

Bugs: Wasn’t filtering folder dates, bug in size drop-down list. Added ability to specify n byte, n kb or n gb sizes. Refined size and date filtering.

Revision 1.3.9 – 27 July 2016

Added blocked folder icons to the treeview. Fixed a bug that failed to block folders again after a Refresh. Bug: wasn’t converting recently modified file date to local time before comparing to stored local date. Bug introduced 1.3.8: File system messages firing on ALL messages!

Revision 1.4.0 – 15 Aug 2016

Re-fixed bug that failed to block folders again after a Refresh. Fixed bug adding USB drive: Multiple events triggered by the file system – repeatedly adding the same key to the treeview. Minor improvement: Added treeview icons for all drive types as well as blocked versions.

Revision 1.4.1 – 1 Sept 2016

Improved opening multiple selected files into file viewer. Added by request the option to filter between selected dates, and between selected sizes.

Working pretty well now. Suggestions and bug reports welcome (please email me error logs). Happy coding, Rd 🙂

Please find more information in the ZipSearch Documents folder.


Help make ZipSearch better!

Please find error logs in the ZipSearch program folder and send to me at rde123 * bigpond * kom. I need your help. Help make ZipSearch better!

Рус (машинный)ZipSearch 1.4.1 * Поиск по названию файла

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